final snippets from bagan, myanmar

Before we move on…a few more special snippets from Bagan…that caught my eye…

temple donation boxes

Why is it that other countries currency always looks more interesting than our own?

myanmar kyat (pronounced “chat”)

It’s considered rude to eat with the left hand as this hand is used for personal hygiene in Myanmar.  I don’t know why…but seeing these signs just for one hand always made me chuckle.

It’s so common to see gas for sale along the roadside being sold out of used alcohol bottles.  Such a little amount?  Scooters don’t need much!

cane ball gameSo enjoyed catching a game of cane ball.  Their moves were amazing…even more amazing that I seemed to be the only female amongst a bunch of betel nut spitting males!  But, they were very gracious as they thought I was from “TV.”  If you’ve never seen a betel nut smile here you go!

betel nut chewer in myanmar

herder in bagan, myanmarOne day I sooooooo want to spend the day with a goat herder!

Of course one can’t go to Bagan without taking in the glorious sunsets…

 So let’s move on, shall we?

The best is yet to come…my absolute favorite of Myanmar…

Inle Lake.  Stay tuned!



  1. says

    What you capture in one shot speaks more than a thousand words, dear Robin…every time! What you have seen blows MY mind. I can just imagine what it has done to yours!!!

  2. Eclaire says

    I totally agree with you on the currency. It is so fun to learn about the different cultures through your photographs. Ginnie is spot on that one shot speaks a thousand words. The bentel nut would be hard to have a long conversation with. I would not be able to focus. Ha!

  3. says

    The goat herder is wonderful. Wonderful shots again. Do you know that in some countries they cut off the right hand of a thief….. so that means he can not take meals together with others. (Sometimes they eat with many people out of one pot) He is punished twice and maybe will think three times before he steals……

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