care for a cheroot?

cheroots of myanmar

A cheroot?  The preferred smoke in Myanmar.  Inle Lake is famous for the ladies hand-rolling the cheroots, and rather quickly I might add.  How about 500 a day per lady?  Everyone plays a part in the process, starting with the dried and flattened “tha nat phet” leaf and then rolling up a blend of tobacco and fragrant wood chips before clipping both ends.  This particular assembly line was probably more for us tourists, as most of the ladies are able to do this type of work in their home, allowing them to make a little money while tending to children, housekeeping, etc.

cheroots of myanmar

cheroots of myanmar

making cheroots of myanmar

cheroots of myanmar

cheroots of myanmar

Even though I’m not a smoker…do as the locals, right?  So yes, I tried it.  A somewhat sweet taste, very mild and smooth. But, I do have my limits…no betel nut chew for me!

cheroots of myanmar

Cheroots are given at noviciation…one of the most fascinating ceremonies ever witnessed…but that’s a future post and one not to be missed!



  1. Virginia says

    500 a day per lady…WOW!!! Amazing. I would have tried smoking it too, but I must agree I would NOT try the betel nut chew either… NO WAY… I can’t even imagine how long that would take to get off our teeth. Thanks for sharing. XoXo

  2. says

    I love those full baskets and the shelves of colorful bowls, or is it cups/mugs? You certainly got to experience so much and I’m so happy that you share so beautifully!

  3. says

    LOL about the betel-nut chew and setting limits. HA! I have always enjoyed the oral sensation of smoking anything…but without inhaling. I love the experience and would have tried it, too. I wonder if the addiction to this cheroot is as bad as to our cigarettes?

  4. says

    I might be tempted as well….will let you know! Love the portrait of the man with the cigarette in the corner of his mouth.And the shelves with the beautiful boxes! Thank you so much for introducing us to such a wonderful country.

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