vinegar hill, brooklyn

Vinegar Hill…never heard of it…but my recent visit to DUMBO to hear the Archway performance provided a little extra time to explore.  A little neighborhood in Brooklyn nestled between the hipster area of DUMBO and the Brooklyn Navy Yard amazingly continues to maintain its 19th century look while facing modernization and new development everywhere around it.  Even the cobblestone streets have yet to be asphalted, but I’m sure that will come soon enough.  By the late 19th century, the neighborhood was home to Irish immigrants and other ethnic groups who worked on the Brooklyn waterfront. The area was named after the battle of Vinegar Hill of 1798 when the British army defeated a popular uprising in Ireland.  Today the area is interspersed with new condo buildings amongst the adorable little brick rowhouses.  Seems the 1970’s brought revitalization to the area with many new residents, including quite a few artists.  (Even our little Sweet ‘N Low packets are produced in this area.)

vinegar hill, brooklyn NYC


Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, NYC

Came across what appeared to be a Buddhist Center and sure enough after researching its the Dorje Ling Buddist Center.  Read that the center opened its doors for visitors to practice Tibetan Buddhist traditions within the sunny yellow building for the past 20 years, and remains the only one of its kind in the city.  (Note to self – gotta return to check this out…)

Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, NYC

And speaking of returning…got to return to experience the restaurant – Vinegar Hill House.  Peeking through the glass of the front door…the vintage interior with non-matching furniture and mason jars had me at hello…not to mention their outdoor garden and great reviews.  (Big note to self – return! ASAP!)

Vinegar Hill Houe, Brooklyn, NYC

An adorable area and one that must be checked out soon before all of the quaintness fades away…

make music new york 2013

Archway Make Music New York

beginning to gather under the archway

Man…my city really knows how to throw a summer solstice party!  On June 21st, musicians descended throughout the five boroughs of NYC with over 1,000 free concerts on the streets, in the parks, on the sidewalks, under bridges, you name it.  The chosen one for me was Archway in DUMBO (Brooklyn) not only for the musical component, but as an architectural feat as well.  Piano wires were stretched and tuned with some up to 400 feet long suspended from the top of the Manhattan Bridge down to the street level, as well from nearby street lights.  Bolstered by mics hooked up to a PA system, the sounds produced were primitive and raw.

So Percussion

so percussion

NPR Music commissioned innovative composer and artist Eli Keszler and the percussion ensemble So Percussion to collaborate on the project Archway, named for the location…Manhattan Bridge Archway Plaza.

Definitely an interesting experience!  Stay tuned for more Summer Solstice activities!