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the spiritual & magical powers of creatures

Cat at Arcosanti

captured at arcosanti in arizona

I’m closing in on my time here in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and when I look back over the past seven weeks there’s been a consistent theme. Besides weeks of bronchitis…ugh…CATS.

It all started with…

a cat supervising the cookie bake with friends…
a cat greeting at Arcosanti…
a cat meandering the grounds of Cosanti…
a cat nestled high in a mesquite tree…
a bobcat sighting when driving back the next morning to check on the cat in the tree…
a cat watching traffic lying on top of a concrete barrier on the freeway leaving the Phoenix airport…


A good friend of mine opened my heart to the wisdom of the animal world when she gave me the book, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  Animal Speak provides the spiritual significance of more than 100 different animals, birds, insects and reptiles.  You see, the natural world and the animals within it…speak to us everyday by their appearances, behaviors, movements and characteristic patterns.  When we know what to look for, then we can use them as omens, not in a superstitious sense, but in a way to learn that these animals that enter and exit our lives can provide guidance and support, if we are open to it.

So…to share what the Animal Speak book has to say…in myth and lore, the cat predominates.  Such as in the Hindu tradition Shasthi, the goddess of childbirth, is depicted riding upon a cat.  A wide variety of traits have been associated with cats – often contradictory, curious, independent, clever, and unpredictable.

Bottom line?  Whether domesticated or wild, anytime a cat becomes predominant…look for magic and mystery to come alive!

Oh, and a side note on the bobcat…Whenever a bobcat is around, it will teach us that there is true power and strength through silence…hmmm….so cool!


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After spending the afternoon at Consanti, Paolo Soleri’s work has a magical way of working its way into your soul.  His spectacular displays of bronze and ceramic windbells, along with his architectural imagination is a day of visual treats that just doesn’t stop.  So yearning for more, another adventure unfolded at Arcosanti.

Arcosanti located off of interstate 17 near Cordes Junction (65 miles north of Phoenix, Arizona) can be described as a concept of architecture and ecology working as one integral process to produce new urban habitats.  Soleri designed Arcosanti as a prototype and when construction is completed, it’ll house 5,000 people by combining compact urban structure with large-scale solar greenhouses on 25 acres on a 4,000 acre preserve.  Students and professionals from all over the world have come to Arcosanti to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops conducted by Soleri and his staff.  A music center offers a program of performing artists and the location hosts over 50,000 visitors annually.  Tours are conducted seven days a week between 9 and 5 on the hour except for noon time.


All of this sounds wonderful, right?  Now herein lies the problem.  I now have another item on the bucket list.  You see, there’s a five week workshop where you can study and live at Arcosanti.  Combining academic and experiential learning, one can study Soleri’s concepts and designs while contributing to the building on the site. I so want to do this!!


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Just a teaser…more to come!


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