gaining confidence

Cat in a mesquite tree
After noticing this cat up a mesquite tree in the neighborhood, I had to return the following morning in hopes she was gone.  And sure enough, she was.  At some time she gained her confidence, pulled up her big girl panties and headed down as easily as she headed up.  Ahhh…gaining that confidence…

Constantly asking myself, will my photograph turn out as intriguing as I hope?  Will the viewers like it?  Will they feel what I’m feeling? Always questioning myself… So lately I’m feeling a touch more confident in my photography.  I started a five week on-line course (more on that later!) and each week we post images to an on-line photo sharing site (Flickr) for other classmates to view.

So every day now, I’m getting little boosts of confidence…
…wonderful shot – love everything (light, dof, composition) just great
                       …gorgeous – simply stunning
                                …beautiful capture and so soothing
                                       …the extraordinary of the ordinary: wonderful

Of course I’m thrilled and so appreciative that people take the time to express their feelings.   Isn’t it amazing what little comments can do to help build our confidence?  What a daily inspiration! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to leave comments on my blog.  It does wonders for the soul!



  1. diane says

    Funny you should mention “comments” because I make it a point to daily check your blog for inspiring comments and great photos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. says

    Good for you for pulling up those big girl panties and beginning to trust in your photographic skill and eye!!! Poor kitty. So glad she found her way out of the tree!!!

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