lil and me


remember when I met Lil a couple of weeks ago?

lil on the corner

So how did I come across Lil?  Heading to and from my photography software class at the 92nd Street Y in the Upper East Side, I would pass by a little elderly lady on the corner.   Set up with her metal table and couple of sacks…selling her art and books.  Wrapped up as if it’s in the dead of winter and often chatting it up with people and the occasional purchaser of a book or two.

on the streets upper east side

I so wanted to learn a little bit more about Lil…and guess what?

lil and gg


Besides being a woman of age…many of you know I absolutely adore the elderly…I quickly learned she hates rules <a woman after my heart>, wants to experience so much more in her lifetime <I find that so inspirational!> and she’s a joy of her neighborhood.  Oh, and she’s 92 years old.  And she loves art…thus my reason for my purchase of one of her pieces!  And you know what’s even more special?  She has my father’s eyes.


art by lil


 I have a feeling you may hear more about Lil in the future…

architectural tour around manhattan


A little of this and a little of that…

from the Classic Harbor Line tour…

Around Manhattan

on a perfect autumn afternoon…


The amazing architecture in New York City is one of many reasons for my love of this (my!) city…

Queensboro Bridge NYC

Queensboro Bridge


Views of the Palazzo Chupi building in the West Village of Manhattan…the pepto-bismal looking building…houses five condos built on top of an old stable with large wooden doors and clapboard sided interior walls making a unique lobby area I’m sure…

palazzo chupi nyc

West Village of NYC – “Palazzo Chupi”



gratitude in nyc



Once the U.S. Federal Archive Building…now called The Archives.  Houses 479 apartments – with 242 different floor plans!  I love seeing these old buildings saved and this one is the largest residential conversion in the history of New York City.  Imagine having arched windows in your apartment that are 16 feet tall!  <to die for>

Federal Archive Building NYC



wabi sabi on the east river, niece



 After years on top of the Pepsi bottling plant on the Queens waterfront, the landmark Pepsi sign has a new home…Long Island City in Queens.  What a vintage save!

Pepsi Cola - Queens - NYC


Recall my posting on Kara Walker’s art installation in the Domino Sugar Factory?  Well that building is no longer <sigh> and more of the factory will continue to be demolished to make way for a huge – yet another – apartment complex <double sigh> in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.

Domino Sugar Factory


A different view of Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island as we head north up the East River…


And then we have this swing bridge…The Spuyten Duyvil Bridge at the most northern tip of Manhattan…as seen through the Henry Hudson Bridge…

The Spuyten Duyvil Bridge  is a railroad swing bridge


If you’re into architect at all…and/or want to have a full view of the island of Manhattan…this is the tour.   There’s so much to see and appreciate.  Interesting that one of the participants was surprised that “locals” were on the tour.  Doesn’t everybody want to know more about their city?  I know I do!


deocrating a nyc apartment on a street budget


As we head towards the end of the month, leases are ending and people are moving…

And guess what happens?

All kinds of interesting objects and treasures make it to the sidewalks of the streets of New York City…

street decor in nyc



designing on a street budget in nyc


Easy way to decorate on a street budget! 

treasures from the streets of nyc


Still on overload with my classes,

but so looking forward to tomorrow for a sailing architectural tour with Classic Harbor Line!

So stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend!  

what’s been catching my eye lately…


Autumn in New York City

is this adorable or what?


Central Park, nyc


Heart breaking when you see the size of these trees in Central Park

and know that 650 of them were destroyed or damaged by hurricane Sandy…

central park, nyc


street art in nyc


central park nyc


Still life - leaf


The World Trade Center Transportation Hub

as seen from the Freedom Tower plaza

(iphone capture)

Freedom Tower NYC



And then there’s Lil…

I want to know more…

so you’ll have to stay tuned.

lil on the corner

weekend moments…


eye-catching moments…from the weekend…


Very cool to check out the Super Sabado Dia de los Muertos at the El Museo del Barrio on Sunday!

For my amigos in Mexico…


Day of the Dead Festival in NYC


 Day of the Dead in NYC



Super Sabado dia de los muertos in NYC - el museo del barrio


Super Sabado Dia de los Muertos NYC


Super Sabado Dia de los Muertos NYC


Super Sabado Dia de los Muertos, el Museo del Barrio in nyc


go ahead and gawk

lunch at pappardella – my favorite in the hood – iphone capture


central park people

bethesda plaza…central park, nyc…now that could be a story…



I ♥ NY car in NYC


pink in nyc

pink in nyc…lunch at gina’s on amsterdam and 73rd – iphone capture



And then…my latest still life as I move forward with my classes…

Before my dad died we would take walks together on the farm.

Even though he had Alzheimer’s, we’d still take walks…pretty much in silence.

We would walk to the farm shed together…look around…

I’d photograph…he’d just look around some more…

We had that unique ability to look at each other and know exactly each others thoughts…

and we both had that look when we came across these rag balls…

…it was love at first sight…


rag balls still life

rag balls

end of week eye-catchers


Sharing a few more eye-catching moments here in NYC this week!


on the run



upper west side halloween decor

Now here’s the difference between the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side.

In my hood – Upper West – we have real rats.  In the Upper East?  fake.





monet in central park

a little monet in central park



Disappointed this capture wasn’t sharp…but still had to share….I learn so much on the streets.

Not understanding why I was seeing all of these people holding this plant bouquet with a lemon…

I asked if he’d mind sharing, so he told me all about the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

The palm, willow, myrtle branches combined with citron represented the four types of Jews.

Unity is what it’s all about during this holiday…

bringing them all together representing unity as a nation—despite their external differences.

He was so sweet…


Central Park balloons


upper east side door decor



And sharing another still life from my class…a little avocado fun!

still life avocado

 Thanks for your visits and comments…always!

Enjoy your weekend!!

(I’m attending a National Geographic Traveler seminar on Sunday!  So excited!!)

eye-catching moments…the series


A few days ago I posted about my brain being on overload with all this new stuff I’m learning,

but of course I want to continue to share what catches my eye here in my city,

New York City…


So for a while there will be a little more show than tell.

upper east side, nyc

upper east side


New York City, Central Park Reservoir

the eldorado, upper west side


Guggenheim Museum NYC

guggenheim museum


hudson river

late evening on the hudson river


Lovers at Riverside Park

lovers at riverside park – Minako Yoshino – artist


looking across the hudson river at the jersey city terminal


and…drum roll please…

Just tossing in a still life…results from a couple of Kim’s classes…

a small bead from Turkey and an inch tall Buddha from my Buddha collection!



So I’ll continue for a while with my eye-catching moments series until I get these classes under my belt.

It may be architecture, abstract, people, nature…but rest assured it’ll be about my city!

Unless of course there’s just something that I just can’t wait to tell you about! <smile>

  Thanks for tagging along!


save ellis island

When I first read the article in the New York Times…Shadows Return to Ellis Island…I was on a mission.  A mission to be part of a small group tour to see firsthand not only the opening of Ellis Island Hospital after 60 years…but also the amazing art installation by the French artist JR.

Oh my…where do I start?

How about how long it took me to get a ticket.  Hours on hold…but I persevered and got one of those precious tickets.  The folks involved – the Statue Cruises – the National Park Service – and Save Ellis Island were totally unprepared for the massive interest.  But anyway, I secured my ticket using lots and lots of patience.

Ellis Island…Today there’s a beautiful restored main building that houses the immigration museum where one can walk the same steps as 12 million others who passed through from 1892 to 1956.  One can only imagine the scene of long lines to maneuver the medical and legal inspections to determine if they were fit for entry.  And unfortunately many failed due to health reasons…thus the need for building the largest and most modern public health hospital in the early 1900′s.  So moving along in history, the hospital has been empty and abandoned since 1954 and in severe states of decay.

Thank goodness we have people that feel the need to preserve the memory by not allowing sites like this to continue to rot away or bulldoze them for something shiny and new.  So ticket prices and contributions are doing just that!  Thus the making of the Hard Hat Tour of select areas of the 750 bed Ellis Island Hospital.  And this is where JR comes into the picture.  His installation…Unframed – Ellis Island…brings the hospital to life.  He revived a number of portraits from the archives, enlarged them to life-size and pasted them across various walls and broken windows.  It’s the present and the past all in one.  A-m-a-z-i-n-g.


Ellis Island Hospital, Ellis Island, NYC

Save Ellis Island

Save Ellis Island

Save Ellis Island

Ellis Island Hospital, Ellis Island, NYC

Save Ellis Island

Save Ellis Island

Save Ellis Island

Save Ellis Island

Save Ellis Island

calcified light fixture

Save Ellis Island

Save Ellis Island

my side view selfie (iphone)

Save Ellis Island

As many of you know, this is THE kind of photography that I love.  The old and the decayed…wabi-sabi at its finest.  However, it proved to be the most difficult photography I’ve encountered so far.  Lighting changed constantly as we made our way from room to room, building to building.  In order to see as much as possible, we had to move at a fast pace in a very short amount of time.  Of course this provided little time for reflection, much less composing…and oh…ignorant people (thankfully only ten in a group) who stood in the way without even caring about anyone who wanted to photograph.  But, like securing my ticket…I persevered and came away with some captures that will always provide me with memories of a very special time in history.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks to everyone for your comments…always makes my day!